Your Journey Studios – About Us

Your Journey Studios – About Us

Carol and Tom Davis

Carol and Tom Davis

For over 30 years Tom and I have been photographing whatever comes in front of our camera. 🙂 So far it’s been a wild ride and we are holding on for all that life has to offer. We are high school sweethearts, (insert the Awwww here), and have been married for FOREVERRRRRR. Our greatest joy is our family and spending time with them.

I hope you will take a moment and check out the blogs-Ah. One is for the studio and the other is a culmination of years of journaling and combining photos with my writing. I love what I call porch-time and spend the mornings there plotting, planning, reflecting and writing. Occasionally you will see “photos from the porch” and all are welcome to visit. My Random Thoughts Caught Facebook page is just that, random, and thoughtful. They tie into the blog of Roadless Journey. After all, we are on our own journey, and it’s up to us to determine the path.

“Capturing the essence of life and the personal journeys of our subjects has become a passion of ours. Taking the time to listen and understand the people we photograph enhances and tells the story. We are all on a personal journey. We give you the memory of where you have been as those times unfold. We tell your story.”


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